The conference will be held this weekend, September 12th and 13th.

This weekend, Viral Sign will be supporting the important conversations taking place between luminaries across the globe at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Thermology. From the AAT web site, “The American Academy of Thermology is the premiere organization in North America for the scientific development, healthcare training, and clinical application of medical infrared imaging.”

Among the many important topics being addressed this weekend, the luminaries in the field of thermographic medicine will be discussing the role of infrared imaging in identifying individuals for infectious disease. Our team at Viral Sign is excited to have this opportunity to sit back and learn from some of the foremost leaders in the field of thermographic medicine, including Dr. Marcos Brioschi, the inventor of Viral Sign.

Dr. Brioschi will be sharing some of the findings from his work in occupational health settings with Viral Sign. Over the past six months, Dr. Brioschi and colleagues in occupational health have leveraged the combined power of infrared imaging, advanced screening science, and artificial intelligence to identify individuals with high suspicion for infectious disease, including COVID-19, while in a presymptomatic (pre-fever) state.

For more information regarding the conference, interested parties can visit the American Academy of Thermology and, specifically, the web page dedicated to the conference by visiting