Can we do more to limit the transmission of viruses, including COVID-19, at our facility?

If your leadership team is wrestling with this question, we invite you to learn more about Viral Sign®. In high-risk settings, Viral Sign can be a critical component of a comprehensive strategy to intercepting the transmission of virus. 

The advanced screening science in Viral Sign enables the early detection of transmissible, flu-like diseases, including COVID-19. Viral Sign is distinguished by the ability to identify the presence of virus in individuals prior to the onset of fever.

Why is early (prior to fever expression) important? Early detection is necessary because aggressive viral shedding in the infected individual begins three days prior to fever. As a result, symptom-based approaches are too often…too late. 

Reach out to us at (833) 99-VIRAL or visit our contact page. Our licensing model is aimed at helping organizations stay safe and within budget. 

Viral Sign is appropriate for triage use as part of a comprehensive approach to intercepting the transmission of virus, including using secondary evaluation methods such as clinical grade thermometers.
Viral Sign does not replace a consultation with a medical professional. 
Viral Sign is not able to determine the type of influenza-like illness.

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