When our journey began last year, we did not imagine we would see the launch of Viral Sign halfway around the world. Our focus was aimed at helping mitigate the transmission of infectious disease in the United States, with specific focus on settings where clinical risk is high due to the vulnerability of the population and/or operational risk requires keeping a work force healthy.

Of course, our ability to extend our reach is made possible by those clients who came alongside us early in the pandemic. Our clients are critical members of our extended team and it is their commitment to their patients, employees, athletes, and residents that motivates our efforts daily.

Many thanks also to the medical, research, and development teams at our partner, Thermofy. It is their shared commitment to leveraging insight and discovery that will shape the near- and long-term future of AI-enabled, infrared imaging solutions for medicine.

Finally, there is much work to do in India. The team is solid. We are fortunate to be working with dedicated partners. We are just getting started.

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