BIRMINGHAM, Ala. and SAO PAULO, April 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Containing an invisible enemy, a pandemic virus, becomes increasingly difficult, if not impossible, when the virus can remain presymptomatic for days. Containing the spread of a highly contagious virus requires early identification of the virus in individuals before the expression of noticeable symptoms. The screening science, marketed as FeverFy in South America, Europe, and the Middle East, will be marketed under the Viral Sign brand in the United States.
“Examination of serial intervals in China suggested that 12.6% of transmission (of the COVID-19 virus) was presymptomatic.”
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, MMWR, April 10, 2020
Viral Sign is advanced screening science designed to help employers, health systems, and government agencies create safe environments for their employees, customers, and visitors. The Viral Sign algorithm leverages the power of infrared imaging to produce a comprehensive thermal signature of the face. In real time, Viral Sign assesses the thermal signature across regions of interest in the face to identify patterns consistent with early, presymptomatic in uenza-like illness, including COVID-19. The total time required for Viral Sign to capture the infrared image, evaluate the thermal signature, and indicate the suspicion of virus is approximately two seconds. Thermofy Inc., a healthcare technology company focused on delivering innovative screening and diagnostic solutions across a number of disease states, has partnered with Hix Group to bring Viral Sign to the U.S. market. Dr. Marcos Brioschi, Scienti c Director at Thermofy remarked, “As we have seen with COVID-19, it is not enough to know someone has a fever. We must have presymptomatic knowledge of the presence of virus. Viral Sign is a powerful tool to effectively and ef ciently combat contagion. We are excited to team with the experienced professionals at the Hix Group to bring this important product to the U.S.” In addition to developing the comprehensive strategy for the U.S. market, Hix Group will develop the commercial and operational infrastructure necessary to launch Viral Sign into government, healthcare, manufacturing, and entertainment sectors. Barry Hix, Chief Executive Officer for Viral Sign stated, “Viral Sign delivers the insight that will allow us to return to work without worrying that our next meeting or our next eight hours could lead to transmitting or developing a contagious illness.” Individuals, organizations, and agencies can register to learn more about FeverFy and request a product demonstration at or via email to Viral Sign at Phone inquiries can be directed to (833) 99-VIRAL. About Hix Group Hix Group LLC, with offices in Birmingham, Alabama and Minneapolis, Minnesota, works with investors and commercial leaders in life sciences to assess, map, and execute the commercial competencies required to win the launch, seize markets, and sustain advantage. About Thermofy Thermofy is a healthtech platform that combines decades of experience in medical thermography and the development of state-of-the-art computational solutions. The company is specialized in A.I. enhanced software for thermal imaging, with multiple applications for the healthcare industry around the globe. SOURCE Hix Group LLC Related Links